Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rift Leveling Guide - How Do You Pick One That Will Speed Level You Through The Universe Of Telara?

In this article we are going to have a look at what you should do if you are struggling with Rift. The awesome thing about MMORG (massive multiplayer online role-playing games) is that they are so engaging.

Of course the downside to this is that they can quickly take over your life! If you want to level fast, learn the best builds and be one of the best players on Rift then there is no escaping the fact that you will need to play A LOT!

However the ironic thing with the game is that it has a subscription fee that you will need to pay monthly which probably means that you have to hold a job down as well and I don't think your boss will take too kindly to all-nighters on Rift!

So if you still want to see all of the content there is another way and that is to use a good Rift Leveling Guide.

There is a lot of debate about whether or not a Rift leveling guide can help but my personal opinion is YES it can however you must do your research first!

The actual game is massive and with updates coming through thick and fast as the game has just launched you should look for a guide that will ideally give you free updates.

If you have to pay for the updates it could end up costing you a lot!

Another thing that you should look for is a guide that has been created by an actual player. You may be wondering why I am mentioning this but you will be surprised at the number of so-called "game guides" out there that are created by marketers and the quality is normally under par because of this.

There is a simple way to gauge whether a guide is likely to have some good content and that is to look for videos with the guide. If they DO indeed play the game it is not hard to get some video footage and talk you through the best Rogue specs for instance.

Lastly and this is probably the most important - look for a guarantee and then you can be sure that if you are unhappy you are not stuck and left out of pocket.

If you DO get a good Rift Leveling guide it can help you but there should also be a full section for both Guardian and Defiant and also some builds guides for all of the 4 callings.

You will need the optimal builds for PVP, leveling and Rifts and Invasions for best results so a good idea is to ask and see if you get these first.

If they do not know what you are talking about when you ask them then that is a fairly good indicator of the quality of the guide!

I hope this has helped you work out how to get a good Rift Leveling Guide!

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