Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rift Supremacy Leveling Guide: Why do you need it?

The best thing about the Rift Supremacy Guide is that you get the book and the video guides. So I found levelling a simple case of watching a video, kicking some ass, gaining a level and then doing the same again. Simple.

One thing though, a lot of players have day-jobs and the like, so the time to play rift is not that much. How about you? Do you have lots of time on your hands to play rift? Having lots of time or not, we all want to experience all the content there is in rift, and you can achieve this through a comprehensive rift leveling guide. And if you can have complete videos where you can see what you exactly need to do, then much better.

Rift game is so engaging and massive. You should look for a rift leveling and builds guide that is comprehensive and which also gives free updates. These free updates should also be provided more often, since rift is still very much updating fast. Also, be sure that the guide that you get is created by an avid rift gamer. I need to mention this since you might not know, there are a number of rift game guides available today that are just for marketing, and not at par with what you should be getting in terms of quality and more. A simple way to know whether a guide is good, but worth noting. Videos will also be really good.

Rift Supremacy includes a lot of contents, with videos! None of the other guides offer this. Aside from videos, you’ll also get access to written walkthroughs, full audio commentary, free updates for membership, and more. The creator of this guide is Chris Jones, and he sure does play rift as can be seen in the videos of Rift Supremacy. Chris will also make videos as a major part of his guide, which is a very good thing! Written guides are also available if you prefer to read them.

Chris has included comprehensive video walkthroughs for Guardian and Defiant. The earlier you get this guide, the more value it will be for you. Chris also keeps on adding value to Rift Supremacy Guide.

The conclusion of this Rift Supremacy Review is simple, if you want to level up FAST then get it.

Rift Supremacy Leveling Guide

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